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Bpos in supply chain management

At Construred we offer BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solutions in supply chain management, which allow companies to free themselves from the complementary and essential tasks associated with this management.

We have the experience and qualified resources to efficiently manage all the processes that are part of the supply chain, allowing companies to focus on more strategic and productive tasks.

The experience in solutions to clients of different sectors and sizes, allows us to offer flexibility in our BPO services. We apply solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, either by implementing standardized and automated models of processes or specific professional solutions for each case.

We offer numerous advantages to companies looking to outsource their supply chain management:

Minimize fixed-rate costssuch as personnel, physical space and equipment, transforming them into variables.

Greater efficiency in processes, since we have qualified and experienced personnel, as well as the most appropriate technical resources.

Free up own resources, allowing companies tofocus on their core business and on the execution of their strategic plans.

More standardized processes and workflows, allowingbetter visibility and control for customers.

Access to best practices, innovation and the latest technology.

Quick adaptation to changes in demand in the supply chain. Both in the definition of processes and in the field of technology.