A new competitive advantage


We offer a set of solutions and processes supported by computer tools that, taking advantage of all the information that organizations have, collect it, analyze it in depth and manage it, speeding up the decision-making of companies.

Through different tools; Balanced scorecards, KPIs (performance indicators), data mining, information crossovers and dynamic reporting (OLAP), we allow companies to dedicate themselves to their business while spending less time on planning and analysis.

Construred offers its clients a Business Intelligence department that accumulates knowledge, specialization and experience in information management and analytical intelligence that will support your company in decision-making, generating a potential competitive advantage.

Advantages of hiring a comprehensive compliance system

Information management experience

Expertise in advanced analytical techniques and models

Technological expertise in new solutions and products

Organizations that incorporate our solutions in their management will acquire a series of advantages:

Consistent and comparable information centralization

Preparation of performance reports according to the parameters set by the organization itself

Identify where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement

Orient results towards productivity and facilitate the elimination of less profitable lines

Identify business opportunities before or better than the competition