The BENCHMARKING is an instrument by which a company collects information on the products, processes, techniques and values of the competition -especially from the leaders of the sector-. From this data, the company can obtain new ideas and make the necessary improvements to move its business forward.

Construred offers solutions that facilitate the implementation of Benchmarking actions. We adapt, personalize and create technological tools that allow the comparison and sharing of good practices.


Know the evolution of certain indicators of your company.

Find out in which areas you should pay more attention and improve

Identify the best processes and approaches of the competition.

Market intelligence tool for decision making.

Base information for internal reporting to shareholders, investors and other interested parties.


The collaborative tool between the main companies in the Dependency Care sector.

The Aeste · Benchmark evaluation and comparison tool is a service provided by Construred for AESTE (Association of Dependency Services Companies).

The companies that use the platform share, anonymously, the information corresponding to more than 30 management indicators. The data provided allows us to know the evolution of certain indicators of the company, in order to compare it both internally and with the leading companies in the Dependency Care sector.

With the data provided by the companies for each indicator, confidential and individualized reports are prepared for each of the companies. This will provide a basis for the exchange of experiences on the best practices of the different elements.

100% online solution

Very intuitive control panel

Fast and secure data upload.

Graphic boards

Tool of work in teamwork

Generation of detailed reports

Custom indicators

Access the Aeste.Benchmark corporate website for more information: