About us

We are a company that offer solutions that cover the entire spectrum in the management of suppliers and subcontractors, procurement and contracting processes and decision making.

We offer our clients the possibility of minimizing the risks and reducing the expenses associated with these processes, as well as reducing the time that companies are forced to invest in such management.

In Construred we transformed information into business intelligence, providing the latest technology and extensive experience in management, analysis and control information by our team.

Currently, we have offices in Madrid, Mexico City and Querétaro.

Why Construred?


Our 20 years of experience guarantee us.

We focus our know-how to develop each project in order to obtain an optimal result.


Our solutions allow customized configurations according to the requirements of our customers. Solutions valid for both large and small companies.


We listen to our client’s problems thinking as part of their team. We also participate in the whole process, and proposing smarter solutions that pursue the optimization of their processes.










Integrated in the Arpada Group, Construred was born in 2000, being at that time the first B2B portal with e-commerce services for the construction sector.


Construred developed over the years and continues operating, a multitude of solutions and services for the construction sector, from a specific ERP (SICON), to a housing reforms portal (reformared.com), through a centralized document supply manager for subcontractors in the sector (administrared).


Contracting and information management processes are transversal to many environments, and therefore Construred decided to transfer its experience to other sectors, and began offering its services in other areas.

In this process of multisectoral opening, projects have been developed and service has been provided in the real estate, banking, automotive, dependency care and, more recently, large distribution or energy sectors.

All Construred projects and services combine the application of technology through the development of the appropriate software, and expert human resources for the process in question.

In this way, projects such as automotive suppliers analysis, construction sites access control or management indicators benchmarking for nursing homes, have been successfully performed.


Construred, today, is a company specialized in optimize the processes of supplier management, procurement, documentation control and market analysis. We serve both buyers and suppliers, and both SMEs and large multinationals in various sectors.

In 2019, Construred decided to internationalize its activity and launched its Mexican subsidiary, betting on a booming market that requires experience and quality IT solutions.


Management team

José Luis Ramiro Oter – General director of Construred. José Luis founded the company in 2000, being at that time Construred the first B2B operating portal with e-commerce services for the construction sector, a sector in which he has more than 30 years of experience. Previously, he was Director of Studios and Hiring at PACSA (OHL Group), where he participated in the achievement of large conservation and maintenance projects, after having held various positions in relevant companies of the sector. José Luis is also Civil Engineer, Technical Engineer of Public Works and Executive MBA by IESE Business School.
Experience in SaaS/CAE/BPO Systems: since 2000.

Carlos Garcia Carreras – CEO of Construred, and Corporate General Director of Grupo Arpada, in which he has developed various functions since 2008. Carlos is an Industrial Engineer with a career of more than 20 years in management positions. He has worked in various sectors (energy, technology, attention to dependency, construction…), having participated in projects from the launch of start-ups to the reorganization of companies. He has an extensive international experience. Before joining Grupo Arpada, he held various positions in the Achilles Group, both in Spain and Latin America for ten years, and worked in the Spanish Electric Sector Association (UNESA). Carlos is International MBA by ESCP Europe, has postgraduate studies in Energy and Environment, and has been a member of directives of business associations and technical working groups of the United Nations and the European Union.
Experience in SaaS/CAE/BPO Systems: since 1998.

Alejandro Lasheras Romero – Chief Operating Officer. Technical industrial engineer. MBA.
Experience in SaaS/CAE/BPO Systems: since 2011.

Sandra López Fernández – Marketing Director. Degree in Marketing and Advertising. Postgraduate in Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing.
Experience in SaaS/CAE/BPO Systems: since 2003.

Juan Antonio Espinosa Romero – IT Manager. Application Development Senior Specialist. Master in Information Technology Management.
Experience in SaaS/CAE/BPO Systems: since 2011.


Construred’s mission is to provide an efficient and quality service to our customers. We bring value to organizations by creating solutions that facilitate decision making and minimize risk.

Aspects on which our mission is based:

  • The implementation of new technologies that improve our services.
  • The ongoing training of our team so that they continue providing added value.
  • The adaptation to a changing market that implies continuous challenges.

We work with the objective of being the most trusted company in the area of supplier management, analysis and treatment of information and support for decision making, being recognized for its ability to adapt, professionalism and give quality service.


At the core of all Construred’s activities are our key values:





Commitment to innovation

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